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 Dingo Hire Brisbane Mini Diggers & Stump Grinding Logan Redland Bay.


Dingo Hire Specialists in limited access  Earthmoving .


Mini Diggers and Stump Grinding.

Call Griffo’s Mini Digger Hire for all your landscaping and limited access earthmoving needs.


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Slab and Turf Preparation work all over Brisbane.
  • Turf Laying and Ground Preparation
  • Post Holes.
  • Stump Grinding Mike 0417849610
  • Levelling.
  • Slab Preps.
  • Turf Preps.
  • Digging.
  • Clean Ups.
  • Moving Soils and Bark. 
  • Trenching.


Give Griffo’s a call for trenching for electricity, plumbing, drainage or for communications cables. Post holes for

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Kanga Digging and Levelling for Storm water runoff.

retaining walls or fencing or even house foundations. We can even pull down your old fence for you. Cut and fill work for retaining walls concrete slaps, or even your back yard levelled We have the whole lot covered. Stump Grinding and tree stump removal.                   

                                Kanga 628 Loader.

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Limited access Kanga loader. Gets in anywhere.

Our Kanga PW 628 Loader is one of the strongest and most reliable diggers on out there.

 The Kanga 628 is the same type of machine as the Dingo minis Loader or they are sometimes called a small Bobcat. Our Mini diggers are just as capable and reliable. Our kangas and dingoes are less than a year old and always well maintained.

                                         Dial Before You Dig. Its important.

Limited Access Earthmoving.

Griffo’s Specialise in limited access earthmoving and Stump Grinding. Our Dingoes and Kanga Mini Diggers are only 1050mm wide and will fit into most back yards. Even when you don’t have the required access there are always other options to get the machine in to do the job. As well as out limited access Dingoes and Kanga Loaders we have a Ditch Witch trencher which is only 900 mm wide. This little ditch witch machine can dig up to 200 mm wide trench. Our Vermeer ST30 TX rubber track Stump Grinder in a true limited Access machine at only 90cm wide.


Experienced Operator

With over 15 years experience on Kangas and Dingo mini Diggers Michael would be one of the most experienced mini digger operators with in the Brisbane area. Experience counts. With Griffo’s experience he can get the job done in a minimal amount of time which adds up to a cost saving for you the customer.

Turf Preparation and Laying. 

Griffo’s are the experts at Turf Preparation and laying turf in Brisbane and Logan.

Turf Preparation, Turf Laying, Turf installations,
Turf Preparation and Installation Brisbane

All Types of Turf supplied and Laid, Quality Under Turf supplied spread and levelled.

And of course we can dog up your old turf and level the yard for you as well. Give Griffo’s a call for a quote on the supply and installation of your new turf.

Narrow access is not a problem as our kanga mini loader is only 1050mm wide.

Turf Prep Supply and Lay, Turf Preparation, Turf Laying, Turf Installation, Turf Prep, Prepare Supply and Laying of your new Lawn.

Ask Griffo’s quote on the Supply Preparation and laying of your new turf.

Hire an Experienced earth works Labourer.

Many of the jobs we do require our operators to be constantly on and off the machine. Doing all the fiddly bits and pieces. Hiring an experienced labourer or helping the operator yourself can save you money. We have 2 experienced labourers available at $40 per hour with a $100 minimum hire charge.


Moving Soils, Bark Mulch.

Bucket work. Our Kanga / Dingo mini loader is ideal for carrying, spreading and moving all types of soil, Bark chips, mulch as well as sand gravel and rocks.



Griffo’s have 3 options for Trenching. The first is a short trencher fitted with a 100mm wide chain. Ideal for

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Trenching at Beenleigh south of Brisbane.

removing smaller tree stumps up to 500mm across. This trencher is also useful for smaller width trenches for things like electrical cables, communication cables, Water pipe inlet to the house.

The second option is a Larger 150mm wide trencher. This one can be used for all of the above as well as for smaller storm water drain trenches and aggi drains.

Our third Trenching option would be our Ditch Witch Trencher.  This machine is a dedicated trencher capable of digging a trench 200mm wide. Again useful for all of the above but mainly used for storm water drainage.


Post Holes.

Our post hole auger is capable of digging post holes for foundations, retaining wall supports, fence posts and many other applications like planting trees and shrubs.

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Post holes for fencing and retaining Walls.

Auger sizes.

200mm auger for Post Holes.

300 mm auger for post holes and retaining wall support posts.

350 mm auger is used for retaining wall supports smaller peers and foundations.

450mm Auger is normally used for Drilling Foundations and planting of trees and shrubs.


Levelling Cut and Fill.

We are the experts in cut and fill work. Cutting out, filling and levelling for driveways and paths, new shed slabs. We can also cut and reshape your yard to allow rainwater to drain away. Concrete slab preps. Turf preparation work.

.Driveways, Shed Slabs, Paths, Front Yard, Back Yard.

Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal.

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Griffo’s are the experts at limited access stumps Grinding and Tree Stumps Removal.

Our Stump Grinder is on rubber tracks to limit damage to your lawn. The stump grinder is only 900mm wide and will fit through most gates. This Vermeer rubber tracked Stump Grinder is one of the narrowest machines on the market while still having enough horse power for grinding through even the largest Tree Stumps. Griffo’s Limited Access Stump Grinding. Phone Mike 0417849610 For quotes or bookings.

  • Tree Stump Removal.
  • ‘Stump Grinding. Mike 0417849610
  • Tree Stump Grinding.
  • Ipswich.
  • Logan.
  • Brisbane Southside.
  • Fast Safe Reliable.



DRY Hire your diggers on Consignment with us.


Griffo’s Mini Digger hire are looking for mini earthmoving machines on consignment with us to be used fro DRY HIRE. Dingoes, Kanga’s, Toro machines. We are also interested in mini tippers and small earthmoving equipment.

If interested in consigning your machine click here to read more.


Skip Bin Hire

Griffo’s Dingo Mini Digger Hire and HT Bins have an arrangement to save you money on Skip Bins and Mini Skip Hire.


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Griffo’s Dingo hire Brisbane to load your skip bins.

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Where we Work.


Brisbane, Logan, Redland Bay, Ipswich and Gold Coast.

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Turf Preps, Turf Laying, Turf Installations, Turf Preparation. Install New Turf, All Turf varieties supplied and laid.