Back yard Levelling.

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Backyard Levelling.


Does your backyard have lots of humps and bumps or is it sloping at the wrong angle? This can cause problems for your swimming pool installations, landscaping and can also lead to water build up in low areas.

Here’s the good news. Griffo’s are able to fix all of these problems and more. We can remodel your back yard so that it is ready for anything.

Griffo’s Dingo Mini loader Hire will:  Cut down the hills and fill in the hollows. We will reshape the slopes in your back yard to drain water away. This will prevent water from sitting in low spots or even flooding your back yard.

In general levelling is just a process of cutting and filling. We cut the dirt from the hire areas and fill in the holes. This gives you a lovely level surface to enjoy.


Griffo’s Specialists in Levelling Backyards.


The process of levelling a back yard is best left to professional earthmoving and excavation companies. Once Griffo’s have see the job and know what needs to be done we will give you a quote. Or suggest an hourly rate for the work. Once we are given the go ahead to do the work we will bring in machines like Dingoes and Kanga mini diggers. These are limited access earthmoving equipment and will get the job done quickly.

Griffo’s Dingo digger will start by cutting down the high areas. The dirt from there will be moved and used to fill in the low spots. Any excess dirt can be removed in skip bins however this is normally an extra charge. So If there is not enough soil in the high areas to fill the low spots we will need to import soil from elsewhere. Again an additional cost unless we have quoted to do this work.

Normally we are able to cut enough soil out to do the job but that isn’t always the case. This all depends on your own situation.

Costs for this type of work very. Firstly on the size of the area to be levelled. The bigger the area to be levelled the more time it will take and the more it will cost. The cost can also differ with the amount of material that needs to be brought. As well any limited access issues that need to be addressed may also change the price.


Hiring a limited access earthmoving specialist.

One of the first things to consider when hiring an earth moving specialist is: The first thing to look at is their equipment. Do they have up to date machinery. Is their machinery in good working order and well serviced. They need to be fully insured and prepared to prove it.


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