Difference Tree Stump Grinding or Stump Removal.

Difference Between Tree Stump Removal And Stump Grinding.


Once the tree itself is gone, many property owners / managers face the next problem removing the stumps or stump grinding.

The following is an explanation of each of these types of service.

Stump Grinding in Ipswich.

Dingo with Stump Grinding Attachment.
  • The tree stumps are ground down to below the ground level with a stump grinder.
  • The stumps have been grounded into small chips that may be used as a mulch or a ground cover.
  • Once the stumps have ground down (to below the soil) it is covered with dirt, and eventually the remainder will decay as well as the roots.

Tree Stump Removal Brisbane.

  • With Removal the whole of the stumps as well as roots of the tree are removed, which can be a far more difficult procedure than just stump grinding.
  • Removing all of the roots can be a challenge and very time consuming.
  • Because of the size of most tree root system you may have a very big hole left in your back yard after removal.

So Which is better grinding or removal of the Stumps.

Many prefer Stumps to be ground down as it can be easier and even cheaper because of the time it takes. It will also leave the ground level without the large holes in your yard which can create problems for you.

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