DRY Hire or DIY Hire Mini Diggers

Griffo’s   Dry or DIY Hire Prices.

Dry Hire from Griffo’s Mini Digger Hire and save Money.


What is your time worth, Your Weekends or for that matter how much is you back worth. Take the hard back breaking

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Narrow or Limited access earth moving equipment and Kangas.

work out of your DIY Home backyard projects. Fly through your earth moving  jobs with one of Griffo’s  Kanga Mini Diggers. There is No Licence or operators tickets Needed for our Mini Loaders and they are very easy to operate. One of our machines can do the work of five men in a single day. 

Griffo’s machines are spot on for both large and small projects around the yard as well as for the contractors and tradesmen. Our machines have narrow access capabilities and can get into most back yards. Griffo’s Mini Loaders are only 1050 mm wide so you will only need an 1100 mm opening to operate them. Forget the shovel and wheel barrow you will get a lot more work done with one of our Kanga machines. 

Griffo’s Pricing is much lower than the big hire companies and you still get the same fantastic machines and no nasty surprises. 

Griffo’s have both rubber tyre machines and machines on rubber tracks to minimise damage to your driveways lawns and concrete areas.

Griffo’s DRY Hire is an subsidiary of Griffo’s Land Works and Griffo’s Turf.

DIY Hire uses for our Kanga machines. 

  • Preparation work for Turf, Concrete and Shed Slabs.Kanga, DRY, DIY, Dry Hire, DIY Hire, Hire, Rent, rental, mini loader hire, mini digger hire
  • Trenches  for electrical installations , communication cables, storm water and irrigation.
  • Post Holes for Retaining walls foundations and fences. 
  • Removal of your old as well as new turf preparation work. 
  • Moving and spreading materials such as soil Mulch and stone. 
  • Rotary Hoeing garden beds and lawn areas. Up to 150 mm deep and 1 m wide. 
  • Garden cleanups and Rubbish Removals.

Kanga Mini Loader DIY or Dry Hire.

Griffo’s charges are subject to change for public holiday.

Kanga Mini loaders on trailerRate (Includes GST)
Single day rate (Mon – Sun)$220.00
Weekend Hire or Multi day hire rate $180 day (includes Bucket and spreader bar)$360.00
Spreader/carry barIncluded free
3 Tyne rippersFree
Mini Pallet forks$30.00
Hydraulic attachments available.
Digger power head + 1 auger
(150 mm / 200 mm / 300 mm/350 mm/450 mm 600 mm available for hire)
1 Auger Free. Additional augers each$10.00
600 mm Auger extension                                                      Just ask its Free. 
Trencher (150 mm wide trench, 900 mm deep)

Rotary Hoe. 1 m Wide and up to 150 mm Deep



Delivery can be arranged for $65 outer South side and Logan only. 

DIY Package Prices. 

Contact Gary on 0466888215.

Brisbane, Northern Gold Coast, Ipswich, Redland Bay and Logan.


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