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Grapple Attachment.


Griffo’s Kanga Hire have a very useful Hydraulic Grapple attachment that is a must have in many situations.  The hydraulically operated claw allows this attachment to hold on to many different materials. While at the same time the grill at the bottom enables the smaller unwanted material such as dirt and small rocks to fall through. This will save you a lot of time sorting what you want removed from what you don’t want removed.

Our Grapple attachment fits on too any mini loader or mini digger be it Kanga, Toro or even one of the cheap Chinese Imports.


Sorts of work the Grapple can be used for.


The Grapple can be used in many applications on building and construction sites, farms and acreage properties for.

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Building site clean up, Acreage Clean up work.
  • Site clean up work.
  • Loading Skip Bins.
  • Moving fallen trees,
  • Pick up and move tree stumps.
  • Picking up large rocks.
  • Sorting Rubble.
  • Carrying heavy and bulky Materials.

Griffo’s Kanga hire use this attachment a lot on Building Site Clean up work. As well we are often called on to clean up acreage properties of rocks trees and stumps. this attachment makes light work of it.


Kanga Hire DIY and Dry Rentals.

In February 2015 Griffo’s Mini Loader hire will be opening a DIY Mini Digger Dry  rental yard to help with you back yard landscaping projects.

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