Help the Kanga Operator and save Money.

Help the Kanga Operator and save Money.

Interested in saving some money on your project?

Some mini loader jobs are very fiddley and require the machine operator to be constantly getting on and off the machine. Doing the little bits and pieces with the pick, rake and shovel.

  • Picking up sticks and cutting tree roots out of garden beds.
  • Using the rake or shovel up against buildings and fences.
  • Checking Levels on turf preps and slab cuts.

Most work in confined spaces will go far quicker with a labourer doing all the little fiddly bits that the operator would normally have to do. At $80 per hour you really want the operator on the machine doing the job he is being paid to do.

Home owners can save money by doing the labouring work themselves. As long as they are prepared to pitch in and help the operator with the hand work. Just having someone on site helping the machine operator with the labouring work can sometimes cut your hire time in half.

Experienced Labourers.

Experienced labourers know what needs to be done without the operator having to stop and tell them what to do. Griffo’s have labourer experienced in Lawn Prep, site cut / slab prep and excavation work.

Labouring costs. Hiring Griffo’s experienced labourer will cost you less than you might think. We only charge $40 per hour with a $100 minimum charge to get your job done quickly and professionally. And saving you money.

The more times the operator has to get off the machine to do labouring work the more money it will cost you.

Take into account the cost of workers compensation and administration costs  casual labour hire at $40 per hour is very cheap.

Author: Griff0