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Videos: Here are a few videos for you to watch.  They may give just a little bit of an idea of what these powerful little machines are capable of.  If you have any concerns as to whether the Kanga ( Mini Bobcat is the way to go.  Just look at them in action, these machines for the job just look for the appropriate video had have a look.


Video 1.  Back Yard holding water.


Review Our Work. Trenching for Storm water and levelling to improve runoff.

This customer had problems with storm water laying around in his back yard. What had to be done on this job was a trench had to be dug across the back yard, down one side and lay storm water pipe. We also had to remove a couple of high spots in the front and side yards. This allowed water to naturally drain from the back yard.


Video 2. Back Yard flooding.


Review our work. Another flooding problem here. The customer had water continually building up on to his paths and against the walls of his house.

The entire back had been built up in all the wrong places and would not allow the water to flow away. We had to cut sections of the back yard along the fence line.  Move that soil over and build up beside the house and path ways to make those areas higher.  Once all of the cut and fill work had been done we started levelling.  Contouring to get a nice even grade from the house to the fence line where the water could now naturally run off to the creek. This was about 30 m behind.


Video 3. Trenching for Electrical Cable.


Review our Work. Here we are working with envious electrical to install electrical cables for a new LED sign to be erected at a School.  Electrical trenches only need to be around 100mm wide as the conduit installed in it is only 25. The trench however has to be 600mm deep to allow enough cover over the top. Low voltage electrical cables have to have a minimum of 550 mm of cover to be legal. This particular job presented quiet a few problems with all of the foot paths that we had to dig under.


Video 4. Trenching a Storm water Drain.


In this video we were asked to dig new storm water drains from a new shed site in the back yard across the back and down the side to the foot path.

The main trench here also had a few T offs to pick up down pipes from the house and to drain a couple of low spots in the back yard.


Video 5 – Limited Access Sites.

Griffo’s mini loader hire have limited access equipment to get us into most back yards.

In this video we had to use a set of ramps over a neighbours retaining wall to get into the back yard.


Video 6 – Demolition of a Concrete Feature  Garden Bed.



Video 7 – Yard Clean Up and Garden Bed Removal.



Video 8 – Post Hole Digging, Fence Posts at Samford.



Video 9 – Loading Skip Bins at Hawthorne.



Video 10 – Post Holes and Foundations.

Griffo’s are able to dig foundation post holes up to 2 m deep with a 450 mm auger.

Don’t forget that our narrow access Kanga mini Loader is only 1050 mm wide so it gets in anywhere.


Video 11 – Acreage and Building site Clean Ups.

Our Grapple attachment makes short work of clean-ups around acreages and Building sites.


Video 12 – Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal.



Griffo’s Have lots more videos on our YouTube channel, why not have a look.

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