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Griffo’s Turf Contractors. Installing your new lawn and turf preparation is an easy process, when you have the equipment and the expertise. Griffo’s Mini Digger Hire contracting  has all the right tools for the job and the experience to insure that your new lawn is put down properly.

Things to consider for your Turf Preparation.turf, Turf Laying, contractor, contractors, new lawns 
  • How much shade and sun each area gets. This can determine the types of turf you use. some types need more sun than others.
  • The type, depth and quality of your soil.
  • The amount of traffic from pets and children.
  • What type of lawn do you want. Thinly manicured or thick lush and green turf.
  • How much time are you prepared to put into maintaining your lawn. Some types of grass will need more work than others.


Measuring and Ordering your New Lawn.

It is easy to calculate the amount of turf you need to order. Firstly Make a sketch of map of your yard on a piece of paper. Approximate shape will be fine. Measure the length and width at their widest and longest than add these measurements to you map. Measure other areas as they get narrower and make allowance for areas that will not have any lawn. Now measure these as well. Use all of these measurements to calculate the amount of lawn you need to order. If you are unsure you can take the map to your landscape yard and have them calculate it or ask your earth moving contractor you employ for the levelling and digging to calculate it.

Soil and Site for Turf Preparation.

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The next step is to dig out all the old grass and weeds. Your entire yard should be dug out between 50 to 100mm deep. This will ensure that all the roots from the old grass are gone. As well it allows for back filling with a quality layer of soils and compost mix to give your new lawn a good start and bring it along more quickly. This can be purchased from any good landscaping yard. Fill the excavated area with this soil mix to around 25 to 30mm below where you want your finish height to be.

Now roll your soil with a hand roller you can hire these from your local hire shop. Once rolled stand back and look for and high and low spots. Fill all the low points and then re roll for compaction. Check again that you are still within 25 to 30mm of your finish height. The soil needs to be firm enough not to leave footprints when you walk on it but not so compacted that the roots cant get in. Add some turf starting fertiliser and your ready for step three. Turf Preparation work is done.

Lay your new Turfs.

When delivered have the grass placed as close as possible to where it is to be laid. Out of the sun if possible. And start installing your lawn as soon as possible after it is delivered. Start laying your turf along long straight line like a paved area or fence line furthest away and work back. Roll out your grass and ensure that all of the joints are touching but with no overlap. Use the blade of your shovel to trim and shape your turf around corners. When laying turf on a slope lay it across the slope to prevent erosion. Once your turf is installed roll the entire area to help your new turf contact the soil properly. Then give the entire area a good drink of water. Avoid using the yard as much as possible for the first two weeks. Griffo’s Turf Preparation and laying contractor services.

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If you want to take the hard work out of preparing and laying your new lawn give Griffo’s mini Digger Hire contractors a call. Griffo can do all the digging and leveling for you and even help with carrying your grass to where it is needed. As well Griffo’s contracting  can help with advice on the entire job. Turf Preparation work. Supply and Laying.

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