Limited Access Earth Moving

Griffo’s Dingo Mini Digger Hire, Brisbane, Redland Bay, Logan and Ipswich.


We are Limited Access Earthmoving Specialists.


Many yards in Brisbane that require earth works have limited access to drive bobcats through. Tight access is generally considered to be less them 1100mm, for machines powerful enough to do the backyard earthmoving works. This is when tight or limited access becomes a problem. Or if you are looking to move things like soil, bark chips, mulch into your back yard. The only practical solution is to get in a Dingo or Kanga mini digger.

Tight or Limited access landscaping machines will get through narrow gates and openings. Some of Griffo’s machines are only 950 mm wide. Even if your back yard is not flat these Dingo and Kanga Mini diggers have the power to do the job.  ( Mini Bobcats ).  Excavating for driveways, shed slab cut and fill work, levelling and Diverting rain water so it does not sit in your back yard.


Limited Access Services we offer.

Tight access excavation.

When your access is not wide enough to get in a full size Bobcat, heavier equipment, an earthmoving company like Griffo’s are called on to supply dingo mini diggers or kanga loaders to do the job.


Demolition work.

If you have an old shed or other structures such as fences, Retaining walls small concrete slabs. These may be unsightly or you just need to go to make way for new landscaping. Griffo’s will do the job to give you a strong foundations for your new landscaping or construction work. We can even demolish your old Garden Features to make way for new ones.


Back yard Clean Ups. 

No Job is either to small or to big for Griffo’s Dingo mini digger hire narrow access specialists.  If you have an overgrown back yard that is filled with unwanted shrubs, tree branches and the like. We can bring our little mini loaders in and have it cleaned up in no time. We can get the job done quickly and save you days of solid work if you were to do it yourself.


Drainage in the back yard.

We have a lot of experience hen it comes tight or limited access back yard drainage. No matter if you just need storm water drains dug or if you need your whole back yard dug up and reshaped to divert water away from problem areas. Griffo’s have done it all and will know the best way to fix your drainage problems.


Post Hole Boring.

Griffo’s Kanga and Dingo mini digger hire also do post holes. Post holes for foundations, Fencing and Retaining wall support posts.  We even have the augers for planting  trees and shrubs.


These are only a few of the services that a good limited access earthmoving business can offer. Call on Griffo’s Dingo / Kanga mini loader hire for tight acces earthmoving.

Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redland Bay and Gold Coast.




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