Moving Soils Bark and Mulch

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Moving Soils, Bark Chips and Mulch.


Our Dingo and Kanga earthmoving and equipment have attachments such as Buckets and levelling bars. These attachments are just the thing for moving soils Bark, Mulch stone and other landscaping materials. The levelling bar is great for levelling all of these materials to finish the job off and leave it all neat and tidy. Phone now to book and appointment.

Soils Bark Mulch and other landscaping materials can be purchased at many different garden centres. Once you have purchased your landscaping materials give Griffo’s a call to move it into you back yard and we spread it for your.  Our Dingo Minis and Loaders as well as Kanga diggers are limited access machines and can fit through narrow openings. These Kanga’s and Dingoes are only 1050mm wide so they fit in anywhere. Best Machines for the work. Make a booking now.

If the entry to your back yard is narrower than this there are other options to get the soil in. In the past we have come up with many different ways to get into back yards with limited access.  Griffo’s Mini Digger Hire have 3 m Ramps to get over retaining walls to get access. We can remove gates to make more room. Or we can even remove complete fence panels in difficult access situations. Griffo’s have over 15 years experience operating Dingo and Kanga Limited access mini diggers. Hire us now for your next back yard clean up.

Our Dingo Mini Diggers and Kanga mini Loaders are the perfect back yard earthmoving machines.  They are Great for Sleeper and other Retaining walls. Incorporating Rock walls and Features into your landscaping and construction. Call Now on 0405967394 to get your job done right.


Rubbish Removal.

Call now for Rubbish removal. With our Bucket and Grapple attachments for the Dingo and Kanga Mini Loaders removing rubbish is a breeze. We are able to easily gather up all of the tree limbs, dig out shrubs and clean up mounds of soil. Pick them all up and place them into skip bins for you. Our Mini Diggers will take away the effort and extra time needed to remove your rubbish manually.



Griffo’s Mini Digger Hire offer a large range of earthmoving and landscape services.  Our mini digger operators are very experienced and we carry 20 million dollar public liability insurance.


New Driveways.

Phone Now. Griffo’s Mini Digger Hire 0405967394.

Repair and maintain your existing gravel driveways.

Remove existing Driveways, Concrete, Asphalt, Pavers.

We do Surface preparation work for new Driveways and paths.

Install new gravel on existing dirt driveways.

We even do cuts for new Shed slabs.


Griffo’s Mini Digger Hire. Kanga Loader and Dingo Hire Brisbane Redland Bay, Logan and Ipswich.


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