Post hole digging.

Griffo’s Post hole Digging or Drilling Equipment.


A post hole digger is a tool or machine used in digging small or large holes to install things. Install foundations for houses, posts for fences, and retaining wall supports and even supports for signs.

There are a lot of different post hole diggers. There are manually operated tools such as post hole shovels and pincers as well as mechanical diggers.

We use the kanga and dingo mini loaders to dig our  holes. They do a great job are fast and efficient and can drill 450mm hole down to 2m deep. The size of the hole you get with these depends on the auger size you use. Griffo’s has 4 different sizes of augers, 200mm, 300mm, 350mm and 450mm. All have different uses and are made for different types of work.

Post Hole Augers.

Our 200mm auger is normally used for digging timber or pool fence post holes.

The 300mm auger can also be used for fencing work but can also handle holes for smaller foundations.

Again the 350mm auger can be used for small foundations, but is mainly used for retaining wall supports. We have also used it for planting smaller shrubs.

Then comes the 450 auger, Its main job is for foundations and planting of trees and shrubs.

Griffo’s also have a couple of  auger extension bars to get extra depth in the holes. So far we have only gone to 2 m deep and the little dingo mini loader handled that with ease. If using both the auger extensions together it is possible to get down as deep as 3m however this would be a fairly slow process. We have not yet tried to dig to this depth.

Being a small limited or narrow access machine we can not always get enough weight on the power head to dig through rock. That was until we purchase our auger mate. This attachment hooks on to the bask of the dingo or kanga to add extra weight when drilling in hard ground.

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