Stump Grinding Safety

Stump Grinding Safety

After properly removing a tree or trees on your property, you are still left with the unsightly tree stumps. Having the tree stump or stumps remain on your land can be as bad as still having the tree itself so you will probably want to remove that as well.

Stump Grinding is one of the most popular methods of removing unwanted tree stumps. Stump Grinding machines that remove tree stump by tearing or chipping the timber with a spinning wheel with teeth which grinds the timber into small pieces.

Stump Grinders can vary in their size from as small as a mower to something bigger than trucks. This means that for smaller tree stumps you can either hire a machine to do the job yourself. Or hire professional help for stumps to slarge for the smaller grinders.


Do it Yourself.

First of all, a homeowner should not attempt the removal of the stump, with chain saws or axes. The use of these tools without knowing how the timber or stump will react is very dangerous

However you could hire a stump grinder to take on the job yourself. It is very important to remember however that stump grinding without the correct training and equipment can also be dangerous.

Handymen thinking about doing their own tree stump removal work should assess all of the risks of when using unfamiliar equipment like a stump grinder. If you are not certain what may happen when attempting DIY tree removal work, you should contact a professional tree company for help.

Hiring Professionals: Professional tree care companies will already have the necessary equipment and expert knowledge to properly grind your stump.

Author: Griff0