Fencing Website For Sale.

Brisbane Fencing Website For Sale. Website Business only  $15000 Call 0412 540801 Leads generated cover Timber and colorbond fences as well as Timber and Concrete retaining walls. The site also get lots of inquiries for fence repairs. This business will

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Griffo’s DIY Build a Timber Fence.

Griffo’s DIY Fence Building.   As always we’ll start by telling you that I am not a carpenter. I have however built hundreds of fences in and around Brisbane. Anyone with basic carpentry skills can build a fence. This example

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Post hole digging.

Griffo’s Post hole Digging or Drilling Equipment.   A post hole digger is a tool or machine used in digging small or large holes to install things. Install foundations for houses, posts for fences, and retaining wall supports and even supports for

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