Kanga Dingo Trencher Hire

Griffo’s have a wide range of attachments for our Kanga and dingo mini loaders. We have attachments to suit most types of mini earthmoving and limited access excavation work.

Dingo Trencher  Attachments.

We have two trenching attachments to suit out dingoes and kanga loaders.

The smaller of the two is a Pole Trencher, originally designed for power pole inspections.  This trencher will dig up to 600mm deep and 100mm wide. Although it was designed for pole inspection it has many other uses.

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Kanga Dingo Trencher Attachment
  • Trenching for electrical cables.
  • Trenches for Irrigation lines.
  • Trenches for Communication Cables.
  • Plumbers use it for installing water pipes.
  • Trench for Storm Water.
  • Trenches for agg Drains.

The second trencher we have  is a able to dig to 900mm deep and 150 mm wide. It is used for all the same jobs as the smaller one but will dig deeper and wider trenches. Mainly to give a bit of extra room to work for bigger pipes and cables.

Ditch Witch Trencher.

Griffo’s also have a Dedicated Ditch Witch Trencher that will dige 200mm wide and 600mm Deep.

It is often hired to loosen the ground before digging and levelling with the bucket and levelling bar.

When you hire Griffo’s Mini Diggers for trenching work we will always have a bucket and levelling on board to back fill your trenches and clean up the mess after you have finished your installation work.

Griffo’s Mini Digger hire will be opening a Dry Hire or DIY Hire business in around February 2017.

We will have an assortment of Kanga Mini Loaders and Dingo Mini Diggers available for Dry Hire or if you like DIY Hire. These machines are not difficult to operate they just take a little time to get use to the controls. If you have never used one of these machines before Don’t worry. You will be able to have some practise time and instruction before you hire. At our expense.

Ipswich, Logan, Redland Bay, Gold Coast and Brisbane.


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