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Complete Turf Preparation and Installation.

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     – Turf Preparation Work.

      – Turf Supply and Lay.

We Recommend :

  • Sapphire Buffalo Grass (Best for Shade) Still great in full sun
  • Palmetto Buffalo 
  • Oz Tuff.
  • Sir Walter Buffalo
  • Empire Zoysia
  • Wintergreen
  • Aussie Blue

Griffo’s can supply and lay any variety of turf. 

Turf Preparation, Turf Laying, Turf installations,
All Turfs Preparation and Installation Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast.

Griffo’s Turf Preparation and Installation service has all the experienced staff needed from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, Redland Bay Ipswich North and South sides of the Brisbane River. This allows us to offer our customers a complete lawn preparation and installation service at a competitive price.

First we need an on-site inspection to quote your new Turf Installation. After our price has been accepted we will follow these steps. Turfing prices will vary depending on. We are the experts at limited access turf preps. 

  • the variety of turf you choose, ( Turf prices range from $4 to around $12 per square metre)
  • the amount of turf you need, ( square meter prices come down with bigger areas.)
  • the access to the site, (Limited Access sites are more labour intensive so will cost more)
  • the amount of preparation work needed. ( New sites with no old turf to remove will generally cost less per  metre)

Stage one of Preparation.

         Griffo’s Take the time to do the job properly. 

Sir Walter, Sapphire, Palmetto, Zoysia, couch,
All Turf Varieties supplied and lay. Buffalos Sapphire, Palmetto, Sir Walter, Couch. Wintergreen, Aussie Blue, Empier Zoysia.
  • We will Spray any existing weed with chemicals like Round Up. Or Remove all lawn and weeds roots and all. ( Dig it out )
  • After 2 weeks these weeds are dead and the area is ready underlay soil to be dug out with our mini loader for larger areas and by hand for small areas.
  • All soils and rubbish will be loaded in either skip bins or piled onsite if required.
  • Depending on local soil conditions from  50mm-100mm of quality organic lawn underlay will be delivered and spread to level the area and give your new lawn a great start. Griffo’s Rotary Hoe Attachment makes short work of removing your old lawn and weeds. 


Stage Two. Pre-installation

Turf Prep, Turf Preparation, Turf Laying, supply and lay, turf supplies,
Call Griffo’s For your new Lawn.
  • Crystals will help your new soil retain moisture will be spread over the complete area to be turfed. ( If Required.) This is a must to ensure your turf in the dry parts of the year.
  • We can also apply a quality lawn fertiliser if required. 
  • Both of these products will be applied to your turf underlay immediately before laying your new lawn.


Stage Three is laying your new Lawn.


  • Depending on your yard size and the amount of turf to be laid your new turfs will either be laid on the same or the very next day.
  • For  steep sloping ground, pegging may be needed to stop the new turf from slipping down the slope. 
  • We will then cut in your new lawns in and around your garden beds, driveways, paths and trees. 

Stage Four. After Lawn laying. 

  • After your turf laying is completed we will roll tour lawns to bed the roots into the soil. This is to ensure that the roots of the lawn make good contact and bed into the soil. It also assists in levelling out out any minor humps and bumps.
  • Scrap pieces of lawn and other rubbish will be disposed of in the skip bins and the whole area will be cleaned up. 

Have a look at our New Lawns establishment guide. It will tell you what you will need to know to establish your new Turf properly. 

Lawn Preparation and installation. Laying new lawns. Preparation of sites for new lawns.

Preparation is the key to installing and establishing a good quality lawn. Good turf prep work will save you money in the long term.

  • Ground Preparation.
  • Turf Laying.
  • Underturf Supply Level and lay.
  • Full Installation of your new Lawn.

Griffo’s Have a range of different size machines and attachments to suit all Situations.


Buffalo Grasses. Sapphire, Palmetto, Sir Walter. Oz Tuff, Aussie Blue, Wintergreen, Couches, Empire Zoysia.
Please Note that we require a deposit before materials are ordered.

Griffo’s are the experts at limited access new lawn preparation and laying. Call Glenn on 0472 508 670.