Palmetto Buffalo Turf

Palmetto Buffalo Grass.

Palmetto@ is a very with a soft leaf, and unlike the older more traditional scratchy Buffalo turfs, is not as likely to irritate tender skin.  Palmetto@ doesn’t have barbs down the side of the leaf, this is why it is so soft. The more Common Buffalo’s, on the other hand, do have these barbs, and this is why they do not feel soft.


Butiful Winter Color

Palmetto@ turf has outstanding winter color. A side by side comparison on many growers farms over the last years has shown that when it gets colder through winter, most Buffalo’s do not stay as green as the  Palmetto.

Palmetto, is on average, 75.5% better color in winter than other buffalo- grasses. 

Best Shade Tolerance.

Palmetto turf performs very well in full sun, yet will still thrive in shad where other grass wont. A Palmetto Buffalo-lawn requires only 2 to 4 hour direct sunlight per day. No grasses can survive extreme shade, however Palmetto is better than all the others. Palmetto turf has the best winter growth, so it is not as likely to die out shady areas through winter. Palmetto turf is recommended for 65 percent shade areas with low traffic and up to 45 percent shade areas with moderate and higher traffic.


Less Mowing

Un-like other rapidly upward-growing Buffalo’s, Palmetto turf needs less mowing. Palmetto turf will grow across the ground quickly but its upward growth is less than other Buffalo grasses. One main reason people will buy Buffalo is it requires less mowing. Ask for Palmetto grass, the one that will grow fastest across the ground and give better wear resistance, but also the one that grows more slowly virtually meaning less mowing.


Drought Resistant

Palmetto@ has very deep root systems, making it a more drought resistant turf. Palmetto Turfs are an efficient water user and will stay greener longer in the dry Periods, making it one of he best lawns of all to stay green through out the year. Palmetto@ Grass is a winter green and a summer green turf

Out competing Weeds

Once Established Palmetto@ grass’s dense growth make it much more difficult for weeds to become establish. Palmetto@ will actively grows in most areas through out the winter, so is less likely for weeds to invade your grass. This is the time of year when most other Buffalo grasses form weed problems. Occasionally weed will develop in the Palmetto@ buffalo turf, and if this occurs, just follow our maintenance guides.

Good Wear Recovery

Palmetto Buffalo grass has good growth across the ground. Its runners branch widely, which provide for good recovery from traffic. For an area that will have a lot of traffic, kids, big dogs and the like, Sapphire  Buffalo Turf is highly recommended as it will grow faster. Palmetto turf is still the best choice for lower maintenance lawns.


Pest and Disease Tolerant.

Palmetto@ Buffalo turf has good tolerance to gray leaf spot as well as other diseases and is far more resistant to lawn grub. As with all natural products, problems will sometimes occur. If they do, please consult our maintenance guides.


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