Sapphire Buffalo For Shade areas

The sapphire Buffalo lawn is considered a genuine soft leaf Buffalo lawn. It will perform very well in all ways that signify turfs qualities, these include shade tolerance, good winter color, and a deep healthy rooting system that will greatly aid in its drought tolerance levels.

The characteristics of Sapphire@ are best known for include the very slight  blue tinge to its leaf color, fine leaf blades which are finer than the other buffalo grasses. Excellent shade area tolerance, excellent full sun tolerance, as well as low thatch plus seeding level.

While negatives for Sapphire@ is a lower drought recovery rate and lower tolerance to wear and tear or traffic. Sapphire@ is considered to be a low thatch lawn. Lower thatch lawn can will be slower to recover after wear for a year or two of being established, but may be quicker in recovering from droughts or wear than higher thatch lawns that are two years of age. Lower thatch lawns have some longer term benefits.

Overall Quality Rating, Sapphire@ is a great choice for anyone needing a soft leaf turf for their yard.

1 Sapphire Shade Tolerance

Many favor a Sapphire turf for heavy shade areas, because it is very well known that Sapphire turf has the best shade rating of other buffalo grass.

Be aware however that all turf, including Sapphire, need some direct sun light every day to survive. 

Compare Fine Leaf Sapphire and another Buffalos.

2 Sapphire Buffalo’s softness

Sapphire is a real soft leaf Buffalo turf verity. This turf was photographed under a Microscope and a detailed study compare it’s softness with other turf verities. It clearly established itself as one of the softest Buffalo turfs available. Palmetto, Sir Walter, and Matilda also passed softness test. 

3 Kill Weeds Invading Sapphire Buffalo Turf.

All verities of Buffalo grass are known to react badly to broadleaf weed-asides. They often brown the lawn and even kill it in places.

The damage caused is due to on of the most common chemical in use in weed killers which is Dicamba. Always avoid  weed killers used on any Buffalo turf if it contains Dicamba.

Yates Buffilo Pro and Yates Lush are great for controlling weeds in all Buffalo lawns.

4 Mowing Sapphire Soft Buffalo

Foe best results  when mow Sapphire between 35 and 60 mm high. Like all grass, regular mowing is very important as it can greatly aid in the control of thatch building up, it reduces the spread of runners into your garden bed and promotes healthy green lawns as lawn mowing encourages more green leaf growth.