Sir Walter Premium Turf

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

SirWalter is a quality softer leaf buffalo grass. It is well worth consideration when your buying a new buffalo lawn fore our climate.

Let us take a short look at and overview of one of Australias favorite buffalo grass lawn varieties. This information is mainly based on an independent buffalo lawn research supported by buffalo lawn license holders.

Best Traits

SirWalter lawns had a consistent good color all  year round in both partial shade and full sun situations.

Best Traits

The SirWalter buffalo grass had a good shade tolerance level, second place to Sapphire.

SirWalter lawns did very well for high traffic area trials, but coming in after the winner Matilda.

Sir Walter turf did well in the thatch trials for the important full sun condition, it came in third place.

Not so good Traits

SirWalter does not perform well at seeding in either shade or full sun.

Neither did it perform well for recovery or  drought tolerance.

Sir Walter out performed the others fastest growing buffalo grass tests, so will need more mowing than other buffalo species. 


Sir Walter does not have any unique characteristic that are different from the other buffalo grass. Unlike the Sapphire having a finer leaf with a blue hue, or the Matilda a dwarf buffalo.

The blade or leaf of Sir Walter is a fairly standard width when compared with other buffalo grasses, but it is a wider than other soft buffalo grass.

 Sir Walters History

Sir Walter has been selectively bred from Shade master buffalo to improve quality characteristics of the old parent variety buffalo grass. Matilda buffalo was also bred from Shade master.

Sir Walter – Recommendations

Going by the independent buffalo grasses research study, we would consider Sir Walter a premium soft buffalo grass, equal to others for quality, and having its own unique characteristics.