Why Experience Counts.

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Why experience counts in earthmoving hire.


Kanga and Dingo Mini Loaders may be small machines when compared to say a bobcat or excavator, However:  They are still very powerful for their size. These machines are capable of digging up your entire back yard. Their attachments are hydraulically driven and very powerful. Can you imagine the safety issues with and inexperienced mini digger operator using say a Dingo with a trenching attachment.

Anyone using one of these trenching attachments who do not know exactly what they are doing could easily kill someone. Or cause a lot of damage to buildings and landscaping.

Inexperience can cost you money.

An inexperienced dingo operator can cost you money in many different ways. Take tight access situations for and example. If an inexperienced operator we to be jerky at the controls when moving through a narrow area they could easily hit and damage a building. Tare off downpipes, hit air conditioning units and damage them. There are any number of things they could hit or destroy in your back yard. Things like the following.

Fences and walls.

Your garage or garden shed.

Pool Fences.

Feature garden beds.

Expensive landscaping.

Support posts for your patio or gazebo.

If the damage that they can cause is not enough what about the extra time to do the job. Inexperienced operators tend to be much slower than someone with experience. This is not a good situation to find yourself in when paying for your mini digger hire on an hourly rate.

Experienced operators can save you money.

They will dig crocked trenches making it more difficult to lay pipe. Their levelling and cut and fill work will be all over the place. At times after hiring inexperienced operators you will be so disappointed that you may even consider getting someone else in to fix the job.

Always remember that Experience counts for a lot.

Cost saving.

A Better finished job.

Job done more quickly.

Even just the peace of mind in having and experienced mini digger operator is a good enough reason.

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